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Discounts are provided where candidates are block booked

For further information about block bookings please contact

or contact Kevin on 07419 360951

National qualifications are regulated by either NUCO and First Aid Awards Ltd, or Highfield Qualifications (HABC) Introductory courses are certified by 1st Line Training where stated.


First Aid (Maximum 12 Candidates)

  • First Aid at Work RQF 3day course with assessment at the end

from £265 per person

  • Emergency First Aid at Work RQF 1day course with continual assessment through the day

from £85 per person

  • Paediatric First Aid RQF (2 Day) Meets Ofsted standards for professional users.

from £100 per person

  • Emergency Paediatric First Aid RQF (1 day)

from £85 per person.

  • Forestry First Aid ½ day course aimed at workers in Forestry or Tree surgery, includes Catastrophic Bleed session. £60

  • 1st Line Training Award Basic life support and AED 4 hours (suitable for appointed person)

£50 per person.

  • Catastrophic Bleeding ½ day safe use of Tourniquet and Trauma dressings.

  • £65  We can supply Cat Bleed as an add on to the end of an EFAW, ask when booking.

  • Student First Aid Training Level 2 RQF. 3 Hour Basic First Aid for 11 years plus

Cost on application due to variation for numbers Maximum 12 student to 1 Tutor

  • Modular, unregulated First Aid sessions for students. Can be delivered to younger students.

Cost on application due to variation in numbers.


Our awarding body allows us to train anybody from age 14 as a First Aider, however they cannot take responsibility for first aid until they attain 16 years of age. Discounts are available for Block bookings.


Health and Safety

  • Level 1 RQF Principles of Health & Safety in the Workplace 4 hours

£50 per person

  • Level 2 RQF Health and Safety within Health and Social Care settings. 6 hours

  • Level 2 RQF Health and Safety in the Workplace 6 hours

  • Level 2 RQF Health and Safety in the Workplace Refresher

  • Level 2 RQF Award in Risk Assessment

  • Level 2 RQF Principles of Manual Handling

from £100 per person

  • 1st Line Training award in the principle of Safe manual handling 4 hours

£35 per person

  • 1st Line Training award Introduction to the principles of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health, (CoSHH) 4 hours

£35 per person

Food Safety

  • Level 1 RQF Induction into Food Safety in Food Premises

from £50 per person

  • Level 2 RQF Food Safety for Catering

from £85 per person

  • Level 2 RQF Food Allergen Awareness and Control. 4 Hours

£50 per person

  • Level 3 RQF Food Safety Supervision for Caterers 25 hours

£195 Per person

  • 1st Line Training Award introduction to HACCP 4 hours

£50 per person


N.B L2 Food safety qualifications are available for Catering, Retail or Manufacturing.


Health and Social Care:

Infection Control

  • Level 2 RQF Understanding Infection Prevention & Control in Healthcare settings total 11 hours over 2 days.

from £100 per person.

  • 1st Line Training Award. An introduction to Infection Prevention and Control in Healthcare 4 hours

£40 per candidate


Safer Patient Handling

  • Level 2 RQF Award Moving People Safely 20 hours

£150 per person. Maximum 8 candidates

  • 1st Line Training An introduction to Safe Moving and Handling of People 6 hours

from £85 per person. Maximum 8 candidates.

  • Fire Prevention and Principles of Firefighting. 4 hours

£50.00 per person.



  1. 1st Line Training makes every effort to accommodate candidate’s ability needs, however, where a course involves physical sessions the candidates must be able to partake fully. i.e. when delivering CPR and using the AED candidates must be physically able to kneel on the floor provide CPR for up to 5 minutes and bend sufficiently to deliver rescue breaths.


  1. Courses will be certified by our awarding bodies, except those annotated as 1st Line Training awards, which will be certificated by 1st Line Training. These courses will be delivered to the same high standards demanded by out regulatory bodies but will not be as in depth and can be tailored to the client’s requirements.


  1. We will offer a discount for any course that has six or more candidates registered or where 1st Line Training is the preferred supplier for training delivery for that company.


Auditing Healthcare or Catering premises

  • We carry out an audit / survey of your premises.

  • Report findings to the person in charge at the time of the audit

  • Complete a written report covering the areas audited and submit in writing, with recommendations / action plan

  • Return to re audit 4 weeks later.


Introductory level courses may be available, which will be certified by 1st Line Training.

Unless At a client’s premises, courses may not be exclusive to a single client, and may be advertised as an open course.

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